Custom Framing is Special


“My sweetheart was a championship oarsman at Cornell University and competed in the 1967 Henley Royal Regatta in England, winning its cup. Rowing has been perhaps his proudest accomplishment and he has remained close to his teammates over the years. I wanted to surprise him- a collection of memorabilia from those events that he could enjoy everyday. A wall of photos, paintings, and of course, the medal and victory cup.”


“I could never have imagined how each piece alone (and special in its own right) could be assembled and coordinated into such a wonderful and moving collection. The staff helped me select for each a unique and different treatment that not only celebrated his university colors, but when placed together are spectacular. Thank you Audra, Cameron, Jennifer, Bridget and Danielle at my Frames Unlimited Bloomfield, MI for making this surprise so special. It brought tears to his eyes.”  Mary K.

The caring staff at our Bloomfield, MI store took the time to display and hang all of the pieces in their gallery for Mary’s surprise to her sweetheart.  Thank you Mary, for giving us the opportunity and honor in framing these special memories.

victory cup framing project