Cavaliers NBA Championship Framing


Our Woodmere, OH store finished this project a couple weeks ago. The customer and her husband went to game 7 of the NBA finals this year out in Oakland, CA. They had the front page from the Cleveland Plain Dealer for the day after the game and the day the Cavaliers flew back into Cleveland, but they also brought in the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle which was REALLY cool for us to see!


The customer set everything down on the counter and asked our team in Ohio to make something creative for her, which is always a fun challenge! She gave the staff a basic idea of what she wanted and our talented framers got to work. They cut a reverse fillet around the front pages and “floated” them to make it the main focal point. After the papers, the second highest floated objects were the customer’s personal items, which were the tickets from game 7 and photos of the couple in Cavaliers gear during the finals. As a backdrop, the staff used other pieces from the original newspaper and made a collage. For the shadowbox lining they used headlines from the papers.


Our knowledgeable employees mounted objects on acid free materials, treated the newspapers with acid neutralizing spray and used UV protective glass, all necessary to keep newsprint intact for longevity.  The customer was so excited to finally pick this up. She jumped up and down and gave Sarah (their Frames Unlimited designer) a hug when she saw it. Thank you for entrusting Frames Unlimited with all of your valuable sports memorabilia. We thoroughly enjoy preserving these special memories for a lifetime.

Cavaliers Championship framing

Cavaliers newspaper framing