Why UV Protection Glass?

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We offer the highest quality 99% UV protective glass in three options:

  • Conservation Clear Glazing (99% UV Protection)
  • Conservation Non-Glare (Anti-Reflective and 99% UV Protection)
  • Museum Glass (Optimal Clarity, Anti-Reflective and 99% UV Protection)

Without at least 97% UV protection, framed pieces can age and fade more rapidly.  Indoor and outdoor UV light rays contribute to severe color loss, paper embrittlement and deterioration of framed pieces. These effects are both cumulative and irreversible. The materials that make up the piece, the paper or fabric on which the image is displayed, may become brittle. Photos may appear yellow or stained with ghostly silver deposits rising to the surface. Once damage from light has occurred, it can never be reversed. What can do to minimize this type of damage before it happens? Choose UV protective glass and acid-free framing materials.

While it is very important to reduce UV light exposure, this alone will not eliminate fading and other deterioration.  Heat, pollution, moisture, the materials that make up the piece as well as poor quality framing materials are all contributing factors.  Using conservation framing techniques and materials as well as properly displaying and caring for your framed piece will help minimize the risk of damage caused by these factors.

Care should be given when displaying your framed piece to avoid unnecessary exposure to light.  Since some light is required for you to enjoy and see your framed pieces, it is all the more important to reduce any damage from UV light, by using glass with at least 97% UV protection.

We can help you select framing materials that will protect your framed pieces for years to come. We recommend glass with at least 97% UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of UV light. UV protection will not eliminate fading 100%, so you should use care when displaying your framed pieces.  Direct light exposure for any duration should be avoided.  Hanging or displaying the piece in a controlled lighting environment with low humidity is recommended.