The Cumberland Frame Collection

We are continually refreshing and adding to our picture frame selection every season (we have over 1500+ to be exact!). One of our newer lines is made of natural American hardwoods. These beautiful, quality wood frames are proudly made by Larson Juhl in their Ashland, Wisconsin USA.

Over 70% of the frames produced in Ashland are made from American hardwoods such as Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Oak or Walnut. Woods are chosen from North American producers that have excellent harvesting programs that comply with federal, state and local guidelines. Ashland’s recycling program ensures excess lumber has a second life. Wood shavings are distributed to local farmers who use them in bedding for animals. Larger pieces are sent to the local paper mill and power plant to help generate steam energy for electricity and heat.

The simple clean natural stain finishes and design of the Cumberland collection can enhance and compliment various styles of artwork. We look forward to designing a one-of-a-kind project that will last more then a lifetime. Join us on Pinterest for framing ideas and inspiration.