Diploma Framing

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Displaying diplomas, licenses and certifications

Linda Harvey, Cleveland Area Manager at Frames Unlimited

Displaying your diplomas, licenses, and certifications in a professional manner in your office can showcase your level of education and achievements. If you look around your office, are these documents enhanced by the frame that surrounds them, or are they looking rather dated and worn?

As a professional picture framer with over 20 years of experience, I’m often surprised by the condition of these documents hanging in medical and dental offices.

The components of a well-framed document are an attractive, up-to-date frame, glass that prevents fading and reflection, and acid-free backing materials, which can prevent deterioration and discoloration. Matting (a paper or fabric border) is optional, but can increase the perceived importance of the document and often makes for a more visually pleasing piece. At Frames Unlimited, we also offer restoration services, which may be able to correct damage caused by light, age, dirt or moisture.

If cost is an issue, our stores carry pre-made frames that will fit the size of your diploma, costing less than a custom-sized frame.

If you have a certification that will expire and need to be replaced, it’s possible to set up the back of the frame to make that easy to do.

You likely invested a lot in your education, licenses, and certifications. Consider investing a little in the documents that represent these achievements. If the frames you chose shortly after graduation still display your important documents, it’s time for a trip to your local Frames Unlimited to explore preserving and improving the presentation of these valuable documents.

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